Krótko o watahach

Posted: 7 lutego 2013 by Qendi in Wilkołaki
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Z dedykacją dla Kattei

This comfort extends to how a pack thinks about a problem. A werewolf doesn’t see a problem in terms of his individual abilities, rather approaching every situation with his pack firmly in mind. From cleansing a Wound to fending off the Pure, a werewolf with a pack is never alone. He thinks in terms of his pack, and their abilities as a whole. An Elodoth may not be able to take on a warped Spirit-Claimed by himself, but he has an instinctive understanding that the pack’s Rahu is up to the task. Everything the pack does together reveals more about each member to each other, and a pack would look oddly at any member who spent too long away from the others. The others wouldn’t know his strengths and weaknesses as they know their own, and likewise he wouldn’t know theirs — potentially disastrous if he suggests any plans, or the pack needs his help to resolve a situation. No pack can afford to have lone wolves, and to the Uratha, spending too long away from one’s pack is a real problem.

The Rage: Players Guide to Forsaken, str.153




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